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RL1_1698 © Roland Lorente- Pour le meilleur et pour le pireThe two new original creations, Pour le meilleur et pour le pire and La vie en swing were presented at Tohu from May 28 to June 9th.

In Pour le meilleur et pour le pire (For better or for worse) we meet a gallery of characters at a wedding celebration, against a kitsch backdrop of hit songs from the 1970s to 1990's! Go behind appearances that are rendered transparent as reality replaces fiction! A creation by Alain Francoeur.

RL1_2529 -® Roland Lorente - La vie en swing

In La vie en swing (Swing Life), we're transported to the 1940s. It was an exhilarating time for both dance and music, the perfect lead-in to a story of passion. A tribute to youth in transition to the adult world! A Sharon Moore creation.

Page spectacle - Pour meilleur pour pirePage spectacle - Vie en swing“Thanks to the graduates’ promising talent, the National Circus School's end-of-year shows brilliantly illustrate the quality of the Montreal circus.”  — La Presse

“In the Circus world, there are moments not to be missed. The Montreal National Circus School’s shows are among them.” — Nightlife Magazine

“The School plays a leading role in revitalizing circus arts, both here and abroad.”  — Voir


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Annual Shows 2012 - Génération 2.0 and La flèche au coeur

RL2_8970 © Roland LorenteIn Génération 2.0, young adults reinvent themselves, meticulously recording the process. They have 20 years of life and 900 friends in their pockets. Acute narcissists, they experience life with eyes riveted on the seductive oblivion of virtuality, the bluish glow in the palm of their hands. But time marches on and they must grow up… Anthony Venisse, director of Génération 2.0, has contributed creatively to numerous projects with circus companies as a performer, choreographer or director. In 2008, he created at Tohu a solo show, Le Concierge. Most recently, his work Minutes, was an integral part of the Montréal Complètement Cirque festival programming; a large-scale series of impromptu circus street pieces.

RLO_1712 © Roland Lorente- la fleche au coeur_lowLa flèche au cœur is an odyssey through a place of devastation where only a few stray beings remain. Together, they search amongst the debris for traces of their pasts with which to reconstruct their histories. It's an ode to love, community and hope, directed with a touch of zaniness by Estelle Clareton and Howard Richard. Estelle Clareton has worked as a theatre and dance performer as well as a choreographer and director. For the past 15 years she has directed her own company devoted to choreographic exploration and creation, creating close to a dozen works including her most recent creation, S’envoler. Howard Richard, an enduring presence on the Montreal choregraphic scene, has also been involved with the circus for more than 20 years as director and choreographer. Among other projects, for the past several years he has collaborated creatively with French theater and circus company HVDZ.



Messa and Pomme grenade

messaIn Messa the action surrounds a marginalized group who have taken over the third basement of Block B. Discover life in the squat, where they celebrate a highly unusual and exciting cult! Only by pushing the physical and psychological envelope, with liberating movement and ecstatic gesture, do these fervent followers find their equilibrium. Julie Lachance, who directs Messa, has been active in the circus world for more than 25 years as choreographer, artistic advisor, director and teacher. In addition to collaborating in many creations, she was the choreographer for Dralion, a show by Cirque du Soleil.

Pomme grenade follows the journey of a deserter visited by childhood memories. As a magical world of creativity and movement open up to him, he embarks on a quest for peace while thumbing his nose at the rationale behind war. We discover a world steeped in clashes and truces and … acrobatics. A director and actor for 25 years, Marie-Josée Gauthier serves as director for Pomme grenade. In addition to acting as a performance consultant for several dance companies, she teaches acting in Montreal arts school, including the National Circus School.