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* Informations requises

Preparing for the Entrance Exam

ENC08_EA_màm-Flem01Good preparation is an essential condition for successfully passing the Entrance Exam. The candidate will be evaluated over the course of various physical and artistic tests, in particular those involving physical and psychomotor skills such as coordination, spatial orientation, flexibility and body awareness.

Also taken into consideration are the candidate's potential to complete the program within the required timeframe and skills acquired to date. Whether applying for the preparatory, high school or higher education programs, the candidate should have in-hand all the information necessary to increase the chance of success. The documents below include the required exercises for the Entrance Exam.

Official entrance exam

The deadline to register for Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver is January 15, 2015 (registration by mail) 
For Paris, the deadline to register is December 15, 2014.* (registration by email)

Entrance Exams


Higher Education (DEC-DEE): February 17 to 20, 2014
Circus and High School Studies: February 21, 2015
Préparatory program: all year-long
Deadline to register: January 15, 2015




All programs: February 5, 2015
Deadline to register: January 15, 2015




All programs: February 6, 2015
Deadline to register: January 15, 2015




All programs: January 15 and 16, 2015 
Deadline to register: December 15, 2014*


Description of the Entrance Exam
Entrance Exam Description for Circus and High School Studies Program (CES) and Preparatory Program(PFS)
Entrance Exam Description for Higher Education Programs (DEC and DEE)

To take the Entrance Exam, candidates must complete the Entrance Exam Application Form, the General CES-PFS Questionnaire or the General DEC-DEE Questionnaire, and attach all required documentation. It is important to send only one application per applicant and include all required documents, as well as entrance exam application fees. Completed forms must be received by the School or be postmarked at the latest by the deadline date, postmark providing proof of same.

Candidates must be available for the entire duration of the examination. Only candidates who have registered for the Entrance Exam and have received written confirmation from the School will be allowed to take the exam.



*Entrance Exam of Paris - by Email:
The candidates must send all their digitized documents by email at registraire@enc.qc.ca before December 15, 2014. (The documents must be filled clearly in capital letters, in black ink).

Entrance Exam of Montreal,Toronto, Vancouver, - by mail:
The candidates must send all their documents by mail before January15, 2015.

The candidate who has registered for the Entrance Exam and who received a written invitation from the School, are allowed to take the entrance exam.

For all the required documents to send with your application, please consult the section of every program:
Preparatory program
Circus and High School Studies
Higher Education programs

Canadian Pre-Selection Tour
In the fall, Montreal’s National Circus School will embark on a pre-selection tour in a cross-Canada quest for talented young people between the ages of 9 and 17. There are close to 20 cities coast-to-coast visited.The pre-selection tour is an opportunity for young people to have their potential evaluated and to meet the School's teachers, while also learning more about the programs and the life of a circus artist.The pre-selection tour is not an obligatory step to participate in the official entrance exam in Canada. The preselected candidate will either be invited to the official entrance exam in February or for the summer camp, to complete the admission process.

The list of cities visited and the registration form will be published at the end of the summer.

Participation Via Video

A candidate who has a valid reason (distance, health, family reasons, school refused permission, confidentiality concerns, etc.) may be exempted from being physically present at the Entrance Examination. In such a case, the application must be accompanied by a video in DVD format with content that meets the exam requirements.The applicant must explain his or her absence by completing the Participation Via Video Form. Each application and the information therein will be treated as strictly confidential. For more information, applicants should refer to the Participation Via Video document.