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03 Feb 2010

Festival Mondial du Cirque de demain's Winners

The alumni greatly represented the School at the 31st edition of the Festival du cirque de demain in Paris.

Nicolas Besnard (2004) and partner Ludivine Furnon were awarded with the Silver medal for their Hand to Hand act while Gregory Arsenal and Yannick Thomas (2009) won the Bronze medal.

The "Coup cœur du Festival" was attributed to Leilani lemuela Franco (2008) who was representing Cirque Eloize in a duo Hip Hop and cortortion with partner Sancho.

Mick Holsbeke (2009) was awarded with the Cirque Éloize and Télé-Mondis Prizes for his clowning act.

Finally, Molly Saudek (1998), winner of a Silver Medal in 1998, and the clowns duo Okidok, Xavier Bouvier et Benoit Devos (1997), were designed as honorary guests for the Festival.

Congratulations to all!